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#Happy Mothers Day from me and my mama to all the wonderful women of the world!A post shared by Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) on Page Six has learned that the first few months with newborn son York Banks Asla have been fraught with unexpected difficulties, and the added stress turned her two-year romance with the father, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, into a chore.I'm hearing, "Happy Mother's Day" and I can't believe how lucky I am!Of all the fashionable hats I wear, I love being a #mother the most.It was the universal certainty that most men would rather be in a war zone than a women’s underwear store that led Californian Roy Raymond to set up Victoria’s Secret back in 1977.

He's Norwegian: "He's from Norway -- like Vikings," Tyra told ET in December. He's a photographer: According to his website, Erik relocated to Los Angeles and "was soon hired as photo assistant to celebrated photographer Herb Ritts." The website goes on to say that Erik has created beautiful images for advertising, commercial and editorial purposes. He has children from a previous relationship: Erik has two daughters of his own, to whom Tyra has loved playing stepmom. The feeling of embarrassment and fear in equal parts, while being utterly incongruous, is palpable.