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Remember the heady days of the early 2000s, when the i Pod was the epitome of cool, effortlessly fusing fashion and cultural consumption?It wasn't just the retro-futuristic design that made it the must-have gadget of its time, though.Brendon quickly looked away once he was over the initial shock of the boy’s imminent beauty.He was sure he would have that cardiac arrest right about now.Digitally, though, the publishers took the book's non-linear impulse further, with an App that allowed you to shuffle the chapters at the touch of a button. 1, the third publication from the innovative Visual Editions, whose collaboration with novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, Tree of Codes, took ideas of sampling to drastic extremes by cutting holes in the text of Bruno Schulz's classic The Street of Crocodiles to leave a new story scattered in its remnants. 1, by the barely-known French writer Marc Saporta, is a book in a box, similar to B S Johnson's experimental novel The Unfortunates.Published in 1969, it came as 27 boxed pamphlets, two of them marked out as the beginning and ending, the others to be read in a random order.I was almost at my career for it costing me so much." So, after completing all obligations to the band, Saporta took a break.

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When my dad reluctantly accepted that I was dropping out of school to pursue music, he never imagined that I would have platinum records, VMA nominations, or even be able to move out of his basement (to be honest, I even had doubts about that last point).Billboard spoke with Saporta, who plans to remain in the music industry, shifting into more of a managerial role.“When I started making music, it really kind of saved me,” he says. In 15 years of making music, I’ve dealt with a lot of that and I’ve become much happier.”Here is the official statement released the band: After many incredible years, I’m making the difficult decision to close the book on Cobra Starship."And a lot of stuff I'd been listening to was early '90s U. stuff, when bands first started experimenting with electronic music, and putting break beats into songs," he continues.

"Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Jesus Jones…even George Michael.He was totally going to make that boy pay for his hospital bills when he gets sent to the ER for heart related problems.

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