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He first married a woman named Victoria Hilbert in 1981, but they divorced within a year.He later married his publicist, Michele Cathy Smith, in 1983 with whom he has two children: Alvaro Joshua and Shayne Lamas. He was in a relationship with actress Daphne Ashbrook, with whom he has a daughter named Paton Ashbrook.He was married to Playboy playmate, Shauna Sands and they have three daughters: Alexandra, Victoria, and Isabella.

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If you're a die-hard fan of ABC's popular reality show, you'll remember when Matt got down on one knee and proposed to Shayne Lamas on the May 2008 season finale.

The poor ratings for Season 2 seemed to kill the show, but after a nine-year hiatus Spike TV brought back , which supposedly will offer him a job as a bounty hunter and a prize of 0,000 should he win.

But as with previous incarnations, everyone around Chase is an actor and events are scripted. Viewers initially found Chase interesting, and the show a welcome return to some of the ideas from the first season in comparison with the second season, as well as finding Lorenzo Lamas entertaining.

(Once they got to know Gould, and realized how much a truly nice and upright a guy he was, fooling him became emotionally harder and harder for the actors involved.) Despite several close calls, Matt didn't find out the truth until The Reveal in the season finale.

Future television and movie star Kristen Wiig appeared on the first over the top, and for practically daring the schmoes to figure out the truth (which one, Ingrid, eventually did; they kept things going by having her join the actors and bringing in a new Schmo, Amanda Naughton).) When the subject of Dean’s first marriage comes up, Tania hesitates to use the word baggage — but she does which prompts Dean (who is 20 years her senior) to say, “I have no baggage.” [Left: Tania appeared in 2014 with Patti Stanger.