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03-Dec-2016 17:19

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Strange things happen when you’re a queer child in church.

One minute, the holy spirit is lighting the hair of the disciples on fire and the next, I have a sudden and inexplicable erection.

Too often, recovering alcoholics and addicts find themselves in codependent relationships that lack healthy communication, goal setting, and problem solving.

Because of the psychological problems that are a root cause for abusing drugs and alcohol, these issues transfer onto our marriages, relationships, and friendships.

When I last dated, in 2010, flip phones were all the rage, you spent more time crafting your text messages, and e-mails were lengthier and more thoughtful.

Facebook and Google existed, but in an era without smartphones, I was able to maintain a comfortable distance from constant news and status updates. There was a common thread to dates I went on in New York and Hong Kong.

Can you imagine the reaction of my childhood self if he was told that such a miracle of technology would exist in a mere 20 years?

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There’s the classic “one year rule” that those in 12 step programs advice their sponsees and newcomers to abide by.

Once in church I wished that everyone in the building who was like me would have a bright beam of light rising to the sky from where they sat, a beam that only we with the beams could see, and no one else.

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